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Big Smile,Nepal is a fully accredited rafting and trekking company registered with the Nepal Tourism Board, Department of Tourism of the Government of Nepal. Based in the capital Kathmandu, Big Smile Nepal works in affiliation with some of the biggest outfitters in international outdoor adventure sports. Established and operated by professionals who entered the industry decades ago because of their passion for outdoor adventures. Big Smile Nepal has been established with a vision that comes after years of first-hand experience in the field to provide our clients an unparalleled service with a personal touch, Nepali style, that we ourselves would expect from the outfitters in the industry today.

In the course of working as Professional River guides as well attending and conducting training and programs, we found that among all the international outdoor adventure sport outfitters, Big Smiles, Japan had the policy, management and philosophy under which they operated that we (as Professional outdoor guides) liked and felt at home with. After years of developing a close and fun working relationship and with their encouragement and help, Big Smile, Nepal has been established to provide the same unparalleled service that has made its parent company Big Smile, Japan one of the most trusted and largest outfitters in Japan.

Although a dedicated rafting and trekking outfitter, Big Smile, Nepal offers all the other outdoor adventures sports and services that our clients desires and dream of even dream of their vacation. In essence, Big Smile Nepal will be your host and a friend that welcomes you to experience this beautiful country in all its splendor. Heart stopping adrenaline rush may be the premise for sme of our adventures and although an element of risk is a prerequisite, safety is our first priority. From immediate medical attention on the field to search and rescue operations, we are fully trained and prepared for every contingency. Our impeccable logistics and crew will provide a service that we guarantee to be the industry best leaving you with memories and friends that will last a lifetime.

We in the industry who make our living because of the natural wonders and beauty that abound in this land, are forever grateful to Mother Nature for providing our livelihood. As such, we operate with the utmost respect for the environment that sustains us and our industry and amongst all the fun we have in our adventures, we strive to leave as small a footprint in nature as possible.